Shirayuri no Kakan (Lilien Krōne)

28 Apr



天(そら)に突き立てる 鋼鉄(はがね)の百合 蒼に溶ける刀身(からだ)
胸に咲き初める 気高き花 密やかに

琥珀に閉じた想いの気泡 優しく掬う手のひら
淡い温もり 唇掠め 私の中融けてゆく

心の十字を脱ぎ 素肌に纏う白百合の花冠(Lilien Krōne)
貴方の色に染めて 今 恋に溺れる

揺れる心を抱え辿る 夢の澪は貴方へ続く路
胸に宿る秘めた想い 鍵を開けて夜空に放つ

可憐に開く一輪の花 優しく髪に挿す指
愛しい記憶 鮮やかに咲き 私の奥染めてゆく

心の枷解いて 素肌に散らす白百合の花冠(Lilien Krōne)
切ない胸が叫ぶ 今 恋に戸惑う

空の色を映す瞳 視線の先には…

心の十字を脱ぎ 素肌に纏う白百合の花冠(Lilien Krōne)
伸ばした指に触れる その愛を抱きしめて


Shirayuri no Kakan

Sora ni tsukitateru hagane no yuri ao ni tokeru karada
Mune ni sakisomeru kedakaki hana hisoyaka ni

Kohaku ni tojita omoi no kihou yasashiku sukuu te no hira
Awai nukumori kuchibiru kasume watashi no naka tokete yuku

Kokoro no juuji wo nugi suhada ni matou RIRIEN KUROONE
Anata no iro ni somete ima koi ni oboreru

Yureru kokoro wo kakae tadoru yume no mio wa anata e tsudzuku michi
Mune ni yadoru himeta omoi kagi wo akete yozora ni hanatsu

Karen ni hiraku ichirin no hana yasashiku kami ni sasu yubi
Itoshii kioku azayaka ni saki watashi no oku somete yuku

Kokoro no kase hodoite suhada ni chirasu RIRIEN KUROONE
Setsunai mune ga sakebu ima koi ni tomadou

Sora no iro wo utsusu hitomi shisen no saki ni wa…

Kokoro no juuji wo nugi suhada ni matou RIRIEN KUROONE
Nobashita yubi ni fureru sono ai wo dakishimete


A Garland of White Lilies

A steel lily will pierce the heavens, its body melting into blue
But a noble flower secretly begins to blossom within my chest

I gently scoop it up in the palm of my hand and a bubble of amber emotions are supressed
Fleeting warmth brushes across my lips and is absorbed into me

I’ll remove the cross from my heart and clad my bear body in a garland of white lilies
I become dyed in your colour and are now being smothered in your love

Catch my swaying heart as I travel down the channel of dreams to be with you
Use the key to set free the emotions kept hidden within me and let them fly into the night

A lone flower opens attractively as you run your fingers gently through my hair
Dear memories bloom beautifully and become imprinted in the depths of me

The chains binding my heart come undone, scattering on my bare body a garland of white lilies
(But) My chest cries out with pain as I am now lost in my love for you

The colour of the sky is reflected in my eyes, my gaze revealing what’s before it…

I’ll remove the cross from my heart and clad my bear body in a corolla of white lilies
Touching with my outstretched fingers the love that I embrace


What I see this song being about is this:

sky/blue = Klaus
amber = Wenzel

Ssidien is speaking of how her love would be with Wenzel. Although she must hide her true feelings and keep on fighting as Klaus’s sword, they are still there are growing more progressively.
She gets to express her love for Wenzel, but this is still in pain because she can’t truly escape to be with him. Hence why before her eyes, there is still truly blue.
….Or something like that.


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8 responses to “Shirayuri no Kakan (Lilien Krōne)

  1. ichisora

    24/06/2011 at 3:23 PM

    Thanks so much for translating this!

  2. Hikarin (光鈴)

    27/06/2011 at 2:11 AM

    You’re welcome; I’m glad to see another AYUTRICA fan! xD
    I actually plan on translating all of their songs and I have romanised them all (except for Kurousagi -dde liz- since I don’t have the kanji for it – orz), I just have to finish translating them all. ^^
    Shirayuri no Kakan was my favourite song of theirs, and next up is Ao to Aka no Nijuu Rasen. =3

  3. ichisora

    29/06/2011 at 3:58 PM

    I’ve only recently started to listen to AYUTRICA, but their songs are seriously amazing ^^ But translations of their songs are really hard to find, so what you’re doing is very much appreciated (:

  4. Shirayukin

    19/08/2011 at 5:57 AM

    OMG I LOVE YOU sjfioasjfi sorry but… I’m really hap to see this translation! And I’m really happy that you plan to translate all of their songs, I’m really really grateful! I’m studying japanese, but … I still have some difficulties to translate those type of songs so I’m really grateful! <3
    AYUTRICA deserves more love, they are so awesome o_o

    Oh … And can I ask something? C-Can I use your translations? I mean… to translate to portuguese-Brazil… If ir's alright with you… I'll give credits and everything !

    • Hikarin (光鈴)

      06/09/2011 at 8:54 AM

      I’m really quite glad that a lot of people are liking AYUTRICA. I’ve actually just bought all of their albums I can and in case you are wondering, I will also do the songs from Hearty Smile Factory’s “Liquid Gravity” if it turns out that it comes with the booklet. I will also do any song Yuka Hoshio has sung on other albums like with O+N Factory and eventually “Snow Drop” (the main theme to a new game “NOISE -voice of snow-” which has just been released).
      They are! 【S】 is an amazing composer, AYU’s lyrics are beautiful and nothing can surpass Yuka’s voice.
      Yes, that is fine as long as you give a line of credit. I should note though that the word “kakan” was a little tricky for me to translate. I originally had it as “corolla”, but then thought that maybe “garland” would be more suitable. The songs are a little tricky to translate because they are abstract and you really have to look into the hidden meaning within them! xD
      Thank you for reading my translation.

  5. twentyninenights

    17/01/2012 at 10:49 PM

    Thank you very much for the translation. Shirayuki no Kakan is very beautiful. And it must be very difficult to translate the word which have different meanings. So, salute for you! I came to like her voice after Noise’s OP, but already heard many of her songs. Hope you’ll translate many more of it such as “Ender der Trauemerei” if you have time.

    • Hikarin (光鈴)

      25/01/2012 at 4:25 PM

      Yes, I most certainly will! I am translating SNOW NOTE as we speak.
      I bought Noise as soon as I could. ^_^

  6. Mai~suna

    28/06/2013 at 11:31 PM

    Ow ! Thank you so much for this, I really love this song, and the lyrics are so poetic ! (I have so much troubles understanding AYUTRICA’s stories T_T)


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